5 Reasons why YOU Make NAV Summit THE show of the year

Another NAV Summit has come and gone, and as we packed up for home we reflected on what has certainly become our favorite show of the year.

Why the best? One reason is that it is an intimate gathering of people like you; like-minded professionals all focused on unique pieces of the larger Microsoft Enterprise puzzle. For us, this intimacy means we get a unique opportunity to connect in a real, enriching and enlightening way.

Here in our post-NAV Summit missive, we count down the 5 Reasons YOU make NAV Summit the best.

Reason #5: Technology 

A reprieve from our daily grind comes once a year at NAV Summit where we can shamelessly geek out about the latest and greatest with our fellow user group enthusiasts. The result? A no holds barred deep dive into real problems, challenges and solutions for making our daily duties that much more effective and efficient.

Reason #4: Vision

In our daily focus, often on the very smallest details of our operations, it can be at times difficult to see the big picture. Where are our biggest software infrastructure investments going and how do those directions map to our company’s long-term goals and objectives? At its best, in a week-long user community alignment, you get to see in plain relief the bigger trends affecting your businesses, what the thought leaders and visionaries are seeing, but most importantly, have a chance to voice your ideas, opinions and preferences on the road ahead. Vision is where you find it, and where we find it is among front-line professionals like you who use our tools in conjunction with NAV every day.


Reason #3: Learning

It doesn’t take too long on the planet to discover that those who position themselves as lifelong students; asking questions and remaining ever curious, are generally the smartest folks in the the room. Though students can be teachers and vice versa, it is this interpersonal and group dynamic that is so very alive and well at NAV Summit.  This is the venue where you ask the tough questions that will help shed light on the important challenges we all face. Again, it’s your hands-on experience and insight that drives the learning, whatever side of the podium you happen to be on.

Reason #2: Networking

Coming to any networking-focused event, it can be daunting for some, particularly the more introverted, to break the ice and get the balls rolling into fruitful discussion with peers whom you may never have met. And yet, and in comparison to countless other, larger events, you always make NAV Summit the place where our best networking conversations happen. Whether sharing the most granular details of your operation, or your hopes and fears for your industry, your candor, trust and openness have consistently made this event a ringer for us all.


Reason #1: Community

All of the reasons we have outlined here come together to embody what a strong community is all about. Communities take many forms and many share much more lofty mandates than gathering users of a certain set of technologies. But in the professional sphere, there are few if any communities that reflect such true comradery and collective focus on sharing, learning and alignment. And none of what makes NAV Summit the open, thriving, and successful community it is would be possible without you.

Thanks all for another great year! 

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