Becoming a Microsoft Gold partner just makes good business sense

SOLOGLOBE achieves Microsoft Gold Application Development Competency

Sologlobe is proud to announce that they have successfully completed the competency requirements to earn Microsoft Gold in Application Development. The process of obtaining Gold status is a rigorous one that tests your metal as a worthy solution partner. In fact, only 1% of all Microsoft Partners qualify for the distinguished designation.

The 5 step process involves the following:

  1. Company must agree to a revenue commitment
  2. Complete a technical exam: Proves a level of technical competency that is in line with Microsoft standards.
  3. Submit customer references: Five customers need to attest to successfully implementing your solution and are obtaining the technological/operational gains advertised in your value proposition.
  4. Complete Customer Survey: Measures our clients’ level of satisfaction with our technical support. Must receive a minimum of 10 responses.
  5. Pass a Microsoft licensing exam or MCP equivalent.

So, why would you want to put your solution and organization through the rigours of such a process?

The Gold certification entitles your organization to a plethora of benefits including free or discounted Microsoft licenses. Your Gold Certification gives you access to over $320,000 in Microsoft software.

Becoming a Microsoft Gold partner just makes good business sense

IDC wrote a great white paper listing compelling reasons you should make the investment in time and resources to accomplish this. They are:

  1. I. Distinguish your business in today’s competitive environment. Microsoft competency can help set your company apart from the competition by demonstrating your proven Microsoft experience and skills to customers
  2. Achieving competencies can help you capitalize on a range of benefits for all stages of your business life cycle. And as you invest more in your Microsoft partner relationship, Microsoft recognizes your commitment with higher-value benefits.
  3. Align your business with Microsoft. Microsoft is a company you can depend on—both as a lasting partner into the future and one that will work closely with you to drive mutual success in the market.

In short, you will increase sales, improve customer service, retain existing clients, and create demand for your premium products and services.

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