What is a Manufacturing Execution System (MES)?

Simply put, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a software used to monitor and document the transformation of raw materials into finished products. Its primary objective is to ensure effective execution of manufacturing operations, while providing real-time data to decision makers for production optimization.

The MES controls multiple elements of the production process, including:

  • Retrieving orders from the ERP / MRP system
  • Allocating, picking and transferring raw materials / sub components inventory to work centers
  • And finally receiving and outputting sub components and finished goods to the WMS

How does an MES work?

An MES manages simple to very complex manufacturing processes and workflows, including managing materials on multiple production lines, including made to order, discreet assembly, batch processes. Data is synchronized in real-time to a Warehouse Management System (WMS) which also feeds real-time information to the ERP, providing complete visibility of stored and consumed inventory throughout your organization.

Synchronizing the flow of information, materials, and resources is vital to today’s manufacturing environment. Time and motion are measured on the shop floor to ensure that work is being executed in the most efficient way possible and that raw materials, via a configurable platform that adapts to the business without custom code, are tracked throughout the process.

The system optimizes movements of goods and enables complete control and visibility over raw materials, work in progress, to finished goods, throughout the manufacturing process. All transactions are performed using RF enabled handheld mobile devices ensuring real time execution and data capture.

What is the value of an MES?

Here are some of the key benefits of a MES:

  • Increased productivity
  • Better material flow
  • Optimized work force
  • Accelerate root cause diagnosis and resolution
  • Better data capture information
  • Real time tasks dispatching
  • Better quality monitoring
  • Complete real time visibility
  • Product genealogy

Chapman's Ice Cream

A leading independent ice cream maker, and Generix Group client, wanted a new system that would give them a real time view into material handling, warehousing, production and fulfillment. After implementing the Generix Group MES, John Flemming at Chapman’s described their boost in productivity and compliance as follows:

“Every time someone touches the stock, they scan the barcode," Flemming explains. "The system moves inventory from the place where it was and then scans it into a new location. If I want to know where the inventory is I can look at the chronology in system. I can see where it came from and the original lot on the original material instance. I can see what's been used. I can also see the history of that material instance for that product in real time. That's been amazing for us.” (read full case study here)

Traceability & Electronic Recalls

Traceability and electronic recall capability are becoming imperative for many highly regulated industries, including Food & Beverage; Pharma; Medical / Biotechnology; Pharma; Nutraceuticals, Cosmetics, to name just a few. Meeting these rigid government regulations and requirements, while running an efficient manufacturing operation, help insure businesses’ long-term sustainability.

In highly regulated industries, it can be especially important to leverage a MES for its ability to easily create “as-built” records. These are records that include all data, proof of processes and action/events that regulatory bodies might request.

So as the above example illustrates, a MES is a business-critical enterprise system that provides the ability to automate immediate recalls, protecting your business, your brand and keeping consumers safe. The Generix Group MES creates robust electronic traceability reports, allowing for recalls being rapidly managed, items to be placed on hold, and recall information that can be dispatched in real time.

The Generix Group MES and WMS solutions are fully integrated and built on a scalable and flexible platform. The solutions are highly configurable in terms of information layout, mobile workflow processes, reporting and optimization rules. Our robust platform benefits your business with a highly adaptive, and easily integratable, supply chain solution.

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