Based in Montreal Canada, Generix Group North America is an active technology player. Montreal is recognized city for creativity and technology excellence. With leading Universities and Research and Development programs, Generix Group North America plays an important role with creating employment and actively investing in R&D.

We are proud to be part of this new economy shaping the future.


Since 1997, Generix Group North America has been developing and implementing their best-of-breed supply chain optimization systems. SOLOCHAIN is a world class Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Manufacturing Execution System (MES), with implementation sites spanning the globe. This solution allows manufacturing as well as logistics companies to optimise their operations across the supply chain. SOLOCHAIN is a web-based application that provides a scalable and easily adaptable platform, that integrates the latest technologies. Fast, intuitive user interfaces translate into better control, increased mobility and a more productive work force

We are committed to providing the best solutions for supply chain and material management. We believe in innovation, knowledge, leadership and integrity. Our people are industry and solutions experts. Driven and dedicated management professionals lead a team of software and logistics engineers with the focus on one mission: Provide the best material management solution that creates real, tangible benefits that translate into increased value for your company.


  • Leveraging the latest technology creating innovation for operational excellence
  • Best-of-Breed solutions providing our customers with a supply chain competitive advantage
  • A predictable successful implementation using a rigorous project methodology and tools
  • Buildings long term relationship with our customer supporting their current operation and together shape the future
  • A strong Eco-system of partners to offer the best value for our Customers


Louis Veilleux

President and Chief Executive Officer, M.Sc

Mr. Louis Veilleux is co-founder of Sologlobe and currently serves as CEO of Generix Group North America. Since the Company’s inception, Louis has led in the effort to grow the company, generating demand for the company's software and services, while strengthening the product and the company's image. Louis has more than twenty-five years of experience in technology solutions and logistics operations.

He was previously a Logistics Officer for the Department of National Defence of Canada, responsible for Logistics Support for overseas operations. He then took on the role of senior consultant in IT for an International Logistics Consulting firm, where he helped multi-national companies to select and implement large scale logistics solutions.

Louis graduated with a B.Sc. from the Royal Military College of St-Jean and also holds an M.Sc. in Operational Research from the University of Montreal.

Emmanuel Langlois

Executive Vice-president, MBA

Emmanuel Langlois has more than twenty years’ experience implementing international supply chain and technology solutions. Prior to joining Sologlobe, he worked for the Department of National Defence of Canada as a Logistics Officer where he supported overseas operations with the United Nations and NATO. He was also involved in large scale logistics IT projects for the Canadian Force Supply System (CFSS).

Emmanuel holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the Royal Military College of St-Jean as well as an MBA from the HEC University in Montreal, Canada.

Luc Larocque

Vice-President Sales and Partner Channel

As Vice-President of Sales & Partner Channel, Luc is responsible for worldwide organization strategies, including sales and partner development. With a career that spans over 35 years in Senior Sales Executive positions, he brings to the team strong business and sales skills, vast International market experience, and strong leadership. Prior to joining Sologlobe, Luc established himself as an energetic and tenacious leader during successful tenures at Dynacom, 20-20 Technologies and IBM Canada.

Focused on Solution Selling, Luc consistently delivers the highest level of satisfaction to a wide variety of partners and customer groups. Luc holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from Concordia University.

Sebastien Delorme

Director of Product Development

Sebastien is responsible for product development team for SOLOCHAIN. He oversees all aspects of customer care, and Research and Development as they relate to the strategic technological orientation of Sologlobe’s supply chain solutions. His focus on user experience optimization and product value building was aquired over 20 years working in Government research and development organizations.

During his tenure at the National Research Council of Canada, Mr. Delorme lead a team of developers, engineers and researchers; focusing on developing virtual reality software and rendering hardware of medical and training applications. He was also involved in scientific research and has over 40 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals to his credit. Sebastien holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, a Master's in Applied Sciences, and a Ph.D. in Engineering.

Marc Ouellet

Director of Operations

As a 27 year veteran of the Montreal Police force, Marc brings with him exceptional organization and human resource management skills. While a Staff Sargent, Marc managed teams of over 50 officers and took on additional responsibilities when he created and implemented “Continuous Improvement & Action” strategies as well as administrative & human resource policies and procedures.

Marc oversees the Implementation, the Customer Care department as well as the Human Resources at Sologlobe. He monitors all project management processes to ensure quality and continuity. He is also the central point of contact for all human resource allocation consisting of defining job descriptions, applications review, hiring and selection process, and heading international recruiting missions.

Marc holds a college diploma and certification in Police Technology from the National Police Academy of Nicolet, Quebec, Canada.



As supply chain solution innovators we are continuously looking to add to our team of dynamic and creative talent. If you think you are a good fit for one of these positions and thrive in a challenging team environment, apply here: cv@sologlobe.com

  • Business Consultation / Project Implementation
  • Project Director
  • Logistics Consultant
  • Manufacturing Consultant
  • Six Sigma Consultant

  Software development (J2EE, HTML, XML, XSL, LINUX, MYSQL, ORACLE)
  • Software Engineer
  • Programmer
  • Database Specialist
  • Network Support
Sales and Marketing Business Development Specialist (IT industry)
  • Pre-Sales Tech
  • Marketing Specialist