SOLOCHAIN Warehouse Management System for

Microsoft Dynamics AX


The SOLOCHAIN™ Warehouse Management Solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX offers more than the conventional WMS. Integrating best-of-breed WMS functionalities means that you can manage your warehouses not as an isolated 4-wall box but as part of a connected material and information network. It integrates dock and yard management, returns management, labour and quality management.

The SOLOCHAIN WMS for Microsoft Dynamics AX provides end-to-end inventory tracking and visibility. All material is identified with a unique License Plate (LP) which allows the system to track material with a high level of precision. All events are logged giving you access to detailed, historical data, and real-time visibility of warehouse activities. Insure proactive control and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) monitoring with our real-time, dynamic, management dashboard.

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