A critical shift in the world of logistics and supply chain is impacting the way you manage inventory. Real-time communication, omni-channel distribution, compliance regulations are bringing customers virtually into the four walls of your operation. Businesses that can constantly adapt to these challenges will have the competitive advantage.


Track and trace your inventory in real-time

Inventory accuracy and traceability throughout the supply chain is vitally important if you are to be competitive in today's legislated business environment. Industry regulations and customer compliance issues are placing more demands than ever on your operation.
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Automate your workflows

Your warehouse team is one of your most valuable assets. Optimizing task execution is imperative to ensuring maximum productivity. Lower your cost to serve and increase your customer satisfaction with mobile driven work flows.
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Manage your workforce with real-time visibility

Solid Labor Management can transform your warehouse into a lean, customer focused profit center. The ability to manage and re-allocate employee resources to where they are most needed and on the fly is key to a more cost effective, efficient operation.
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Increase throughput with advanced business rules

The omni-channel buyer's experience is driving today's warehouses to be flexible and adaptive. Whether your client is in retail, wholesale, or e-commerce, operational flexibility and adaptability is a must if you want to gain the competitive advantage.
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Material visibility

Controlling and having visibility over raw materials, work in progress, to finished goods, throughout the manufacturing process is an imperative in today’s operation. By leveraging our MES, you can achieve +99% inventory accuracy, decrease operational costs, and fulfill the highest levels of customer demand.
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Connecting warehouse and production floor with efficient material flow

Ensure maximum production efficiency by issuing the right materials, in the right place, at the right time. A synchronized warehouse and production operation translates to a enhanced material flow.
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Automated task execution with real-time data capture

Managing your workforce to ensure the tasks are executed in the most optimized way will augment operational efficiency. Enabling data capture in real-time will increase overall information accuracy and provide you better track and trace capabilities.
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Traceability is becoming an imperative in many industries. The ability to link all actions together, to have an accurate view of which ingredients were used or which serial numbers were installed is essential throughout your operation. The ability to execute a timely electronic recall, with surgically precise data, is not only an important competitive advantage, it is a must.
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Asset visibility and tracking

Knowing where your assets are at anytime is vital to your business. Ensure that your assets are fully operational and working for you.
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Mobile Access and Mobile Execution in the field

Your field technicians need accurate real-time information. This will enable them to be agile and responsive in meeting your customers highest expectations. Information from the field can be communicated faster and made available for tracking and management purposes.
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Inventory Visibility in the field

Inventory deployed in the field is important capital that is also essential to efficient operational continuity. Control and visibility of that inventory is key to ensure you have the right inventory when & where it's needed.
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Spare Parts Inventory Management

Maintaining the right spare parts and knowing were they are at all times will reduce the risks of service interruptions or operational shutdowns. Your assets need to be operational and reliable. Shut downs are costly to you and your customers.
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Build loads and optimize vehicle space quickly and efficiently, while respecting your operational constraints. Make actionable decisions in the heart of your transport planning for all your sites.
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The powerful optimization engine that backs our TMS helps you to respect constraints such as site opening hours, delivery windows, driver limits and geographical realities. The TMS engine will set out to find the optimum solution - minimizing driving time and distances travelled.
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Transportation Procurment

Our TMS effectively manages the relationships with your carriers and 3PL’s. The solution allows you to select and approach a preferred carrier based on various pricing structures, contract quotas or past performances.
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Freight expense control

The TMS will allow you to create a clear view on upcoming freight expenses, verification of incoming carrier invoices, as well as the ability to simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios for different carriers, rates and contracts.
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