Our TMS gives you a centralized view on all transportation activities throughout your organization. Get daily centralized visibility on all transportation costs. Empower your transportation managers with timely accurate data that will allow them to make better decisions.

By automatic load consolidation and chartering of carriers, the TMS allows your managers to focus on improvements, events and exceptions.


Build loads and optimize vehicle space quickly and efficiently, while respecting your operational constraints. No more cumbersome, error-prone manual data entry, paperwork, and complex spreadsheets. Instead you will be making actionable decisions based on the clear, concise screen, you to take action in the heart of your transport planning. Your experience as shipper, carrier or 3PL, is easily configured into our TMS to reflect your daily reality.


Our TMS provides you with a real-time overview of your flow of goods, budget and resources. The TMS centralizes your inbound and outbound shipments, the physical flow of goods as well as transport expenses are connected in one clear system.

This allows you to analyze new, strategic approaches to your network taking into consideration your geographic reality. Assess cross-dock opportunities or multi-modal transport prior to any changes or investments. Let the TMS simulate various designs to determine the best transportation solution.


The powerful optimization engine that backs our TMS helps you to respect constraints such as site opening hours, delivery windows, driver limits and geographical realities. The TMS engine will set out to find the optimum solution - minimizing driving time and distances travelled.

Drill down into provided solutions and adjust constraints to investigate the behavior of your transport operation. Adjust the maximum driving time per trip, the maximum number of stops or the minimum required break time for drivers and assess the effect in terms of costs and timeliness.

A clear geographical map will help you understand the optimal solution calculated prior to accepting the proposed routes and loads.


Our TMS effectively manages the relationships with your carriers and 3PL’s. The solution allows you to select and approach a preferred carrier based on various pricing structures, contract quotas or past performances. As new carriers can easily be on-boarded, the TMS will grow with you and your operation.

A web-based carrier portal facilitates easy communication with your carriers. It allows them to accept shipment requests, take appointments, exchange invoices, effect rate changes and much more. As an extra, the portal comes with a bidding functionality for requesting last-minute offers from multiple carriers.

If you operate a private fleet, the drag and drop calendar functionality will allow for optimum and transparent allocation of vehicles and drivers.


As freight expenses are often a big part of your financial picture, accurate processing of invoices and checks and balances is important. The TMS will allow you to create a clear view on upcoming freight expenses, verification of incoming carrier invoices, as well as the ability to simulate ‘what-if’ scenarios for different carriers, rates and contracts.

With the TMS, you can anticipate the freight expenses for a specific month, carrier, route or destination, and drill these down to order-line level if needed. As the TMS centralizes all your transportation into one solution, you comfortably align the use of KPI’s and Business Analytics, no matter where they are in the world.


A web-based carrier portal facilitates easy communication with your carriers. It allows them to accept shipment requests, take appointments at your sites and exchange invoices, rate changes and other documentation. As an extra, the portal comes with a bidding functionality for requesting last-minute offers from multiple carriers.

Onboarding of new carriers is easy, expanding your access to a growing and competitive offer.

The bidding functionality of the TMS allows you to approach many carriers to obtain last minute offers to your shipments. After an email notification, the Carrier can review the shipment request in the portal and place their bid to you.


As end-to-end visibility becomes increasingly important for your transport operations, it is imperative to have transparent insights, manage events, and keep your receiving parties up-to-date. Our Easy Order Tracking module facilitate these tasks. With a clear user interface adapted to your needs, you can monitor the path of shipments from loading, via cross-docks to their final destinations. Events and delays are made visible – easily! In addition, documents as Proof of Delivery can be attached to shipments.


  • Route Planning

  • Cross-dock
  • Milk runs
  • Consolidation
  • Optimization
  • Multi-pick / Multi-drop
  • Multi-mode transport
  • Fleet management
  • Various

  • CO2 emission management
  • Easy Order Tracking
  • Event workflow definition
  • Maps, routes, distances
  • Fleet management
  • Order management
  • WMS connectivity
  • Hazardous material constraints
  • Freight expense control

  • Pre-invoicing
  • Invoice verification
  • Detailed cost brake-down
  • Expense simulation
  • Transport sales
  • Budget control
  • Carrier Portal

  • Chartering
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Ad-hoc bidding
  • Event management
  • Publishing delivery notifications


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